Wild Ireland

ireland 1ireland 2Documentary – ORFE – 2016 – 50min.

Hanging like an emerald jewel off the western edge of Europe, Ireland has always been a place apart.

For millennia it was the boundary of the known world, the last stop for countless animals before they disappeared into the mists of the Atlantic on their ceaseless journeys of life.

This film will feature Ireland’s wild wonders as never captured before – from breaching humpback whales off its southern shores, to golden eagles fighting the gales of the northern highlands to raise their young on precipitous cliffs, to the majestic salmon returning from the Arctic to face upriver into the purest freshwaters in Europe – and a murderous gauntlet of waterfalls and fishermen. From the red squirrels and pine martens battling back from the edge of extinction to the marvelous spring dance of mad march hares; to the clash of Ireland’s last red deer stags echoing through the mountains of Kerry.

Early Christian monks sought out stormbound ocean pinnacles to live closer to God and from these eyes would watch as birds, sharks and whales turned to face the setting sun and were lost over the western horizon. The film uses the ancient ruins, deserted islands and tombs that still litter the island as a backdrop for the stories and legends of the animals.

Thus migrating whooper swans were the children of the God of the Sea, fated by an ancient curse to fly forever as great white birds over the ocean. The dark grey seals that haunt the sea caves and cliffs are spirits that shed their skins to take on human form, luring foolish men to marry them before disappearing back into the ocean.