Wild Caribbean – Rhythms of Life

iguana2017 – 3 x 52:00

Part I:  Predators in Paradise
Part II:  Whales and Volcanoes
Part III:  Corals and Clouds

Predators in Paradise: the Caribbean in spectacular action. From the first frame of a sea turtle snared by a tiger shark, the film alternates between the strategies for survival of both the Hunters and the Hunted.
Whales and Volcanoes: when a volcano bursts from the ocean, inviting unique life on to its tropical slopes and black sandy beaches, it creates deep sea chasms that families of sperm whales enjoy so much they never leave.
Corals and Clouds: there are Caribbean islands and coasts made out of living creatures: the magical “flower animals” that colonize the shallows, with their stunning once-a-year display that is coral reproduction. Inland cloud forests are equally spectacular, but their sediment run-off is the corals’ biggest ennemy.