The Canary Islands – Series

ORF_0696262_S_00_XX_big2-part-Documentary – 2016 – ORFE – 00:50  

These are the Canary Islands – isolated in the Atlantic Ocean off the North-west coast of Africa. Each island is unique with a diversity of terrain and climate – temperate coastlines, scorching deserts, tropical rainforests and frozen, snowcapped mountains. With features of a small continent, supporting one of the richest and most diverse ranges of native species on the planet.

Part I: Currents of Life – Wind and Water – transported pioneer seeds, insects and animals to the isolated landmasses, defined the diversity and distribution of life and created microclimates to which many species adapted, some evolving unique features to survive in these newly occupied lands.

Part II: Life on the Edge highlights nature’s consummate ability to endure under the impacts of the modern world, and explores the islands’ natural history, focusing on the fragile balance of life on the edge of extinction.