Sky River of the Himalayas

sky2017 – 3 x 52:00

It begins as the world’s highest major river. It thunders through the planet’s biggest gorge and runs through Asia’s hotspots of biodiversity, teeming with wildlife. Uniting with the Ganges, it forms the world’s greatest river delta.

Episode One takes us from the glaciers of 8,000-metre peaks, across Tibet’s dry and harsh semi desert with its Chiru antelopes. We descend 3,000 meters through the world’s deepest, longest and still barely explored Tsangpo Gorge.

Episode Two continues the exploration, with red pandas and isolated human settlements, emerging into India’s temperate forests where sloth bears roam and snow leopards hunt, skirting round the Himalayas into Assam’s green monsoon country.

Episode Three leads us into the steamy plains of Bangladesh with their swamps and mangrove jungles. The silt carried down from the Himalayas creates the world’s most fertile, and deadly, region, ravaged by floods and patrolled by man-eating tigers.